Having all around knowledge about the intricacies of development, management and testing we are able to provide a full range of services for our clients.

Software development

This is the core part of our everyday services. We can provide you with research, planning and development of all the parts you would need to create the software tailored for your business processes.

Software maintenance

Even if you already have some custom software built by us or another service provider you would need maintenance and improvement services as the software and technologies used during the development are getting old and need to be revised, audited, updated and improved to meet the most current security, usability and efficiency standards.

Cross-platform mobile apps

In case you are in need to provide your customers and workers an ability to use or administer your services on mobile apps we can deliver modern and user-friendly iOS, iPadOS and Android apps that could integrate all processes and functionality you would require. We are proud to be early users of Google’s Flutter for building natively compiled applications from a single codebase.

IT consulting

As we have experience in creating and delivering systems of different scale and using a wide array of technologies, we are able to pick most efficient and cost effective solutions for IT infrastructure, optimization and help you to avoid any possible waste of funds and time while guessing and experimenting.

Test automation

Test automation can automate some repetitive but necessary tasks in a formalized testing process already in place, or perform additional testing that would be difficult to do manually. Test automation is critical for continuous delivery and continuous testing.

Software audit

We provide software audits which consist of code quality measuring using SonarQube and Scrutinizer software performance and load testing using Jmeter

The Founding Members

  • Aleksandr Golubovskij

    System Architect

  • Laurynas Usavičius

    QA Manager

  • Martynas Butkus

    Full-stack Developer

  • Andrej Dunovskij

    Full-stack Developer

  • Irmantas Paulauskas

    Full-stack Developer

  • Justas Piliukaitis

    Full-stack Developer


Having gathered knowledge of various industries we are never out of depth when consulting our clients.

While having a possibility to develop core systems and integrations for the internet banking we have used to work with the projects that involved onboarding of the customers, identification and validation, mobile banking and mobile payments. We have experience in P2P lending and financing platforms.
While being involved in projects of the major carriers and services providers we have gained experience in account and warehouse management, sales tools for employees, bulk SMS messaging tools and self-service online platforms.
In case you need any improvements in the chains of traditional or eCommerce business processes we can provide you with the solutions that would help you to get rid off the clumsy and time consuming tasks and automate every possible chain element. This includes warehouse management, automated logistics processing, mobile apps for customers and management.
Fleet management and smooth and efficient integration of different sorts of hardware and software used in the process gives a key advantage in a very competitive and dynamic market. We are able to provide you with different integrations of vehicle tracking in real time (fuel consumption, speed, damage reporting, geofencing included), geo-routing, warehouse management systems.
Entertainment and Events
Event organisers are striving to find new and interactive ways to engage the audience. To help with that we are offering a custom mobile application for events including gamification, event schedules, indoor navigation and audience voting.

Tools we love!

Jenkins CI